Delv!s – Tell Me (live)

Crazy talented, unlikely sense of phrasing, great attidude,and in possession of a great band. That’s who you can call Delv!s. He’s a tall ‘white boy’ who’s already getting some airplay on Belgium’s better radio stations and hopefully he will soon convince the rest of the world that he’s a great artist.

Delv!s -


His unreal voice will remind you of some of history’s most beautiful voices such as Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse to name a few. Of course there’s always room for improvement but with guys like this, patience is a virtue and practice will make perfect. His band consists a rock drummer, a jazz guitarist, a bassist with a soft spot for Philly soul, a hip hop keyboardist and an extreme elcectronicaman. Together they will bring you joyous gospel, minimal R&B, electro, funk, soul, rock, pop, techno, blues, folk… The man can really handle anything! He hasn’t got an EP released just yet but in the meantime we can all enjoy his live or demo versions of the songs he is preparing for his solo album. Once his record is released, the hype roller coaster will commence!

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