Sundaze #69 – Art by Paul Grelet

Sexual abstraction as Paul Grelet describes his work on this weeks simple yet superb design on the Cover Art for Sundaze #69 and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase these 14 new tracks from various artists hailing from all over the globe. We’re very proud to have most of them showcased in tomorrow’s radioshow too so be sure sure to tune in from 9pm (local Paris time) to catch all the awesomeness LIVE…

As always, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the best new tracks around as we carry on digging during the week… You’ll get prime cut on the awesomeness we come across and generally speaking, BE THE COOL KID ON THE BLOCK. Go ahead and download the dollops of awesomeness right now :

Sundaze #69

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  1. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age (Justice Remix)
  2. Hozier – Angel Of Small Death and The Codeine Scene
  3. Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me
  4. Petit Fantôme – Peio (pello-mikel Laboa)
  5. ASTR – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)
  6. Elephant – Spies
  7. Luxury -We Do
  8. Ben Khan – Eden
  9. R music – Change
  10. Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee
  11. Black Yaya – Paint a Smile On Me (prod. Yuksek)
  12. Bo Saris – The Addict
  13. MAU – Safari Entrepreneur
  14. Corduroi – Girl I Know