Sundaze #78 – art by Paul Grelet

Download Sundaze #78
Download Sundaze #78

We’ve like to give things a kick in the new year… Especially on Sundays. So this is what we’ll be doing for this first edition of 2014 of our popular Sundaze series. Same winning team : Paul on cover design, Ben on selection duties. We have packed this weeks compilation with 17 beauties that you will hear these coming months in film soundtracks and scores. That’s a fact. 17 tracks to make your Sunday go by like a breeeeeze. Thanks again to Paul Grelet for the tremendous work as per usual. Go check out the Sundaze Playlist Retrospective for all previous compilation downloads and artworks.

We also have a very limited series of SWAG BAG / Totebag to be designed and screenprinted. We'll let you know when you can purchase these strong, heavy duty totes later.

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“Happy 2014 !”
Sundaze #78

If you've missed our previous Sundaze Playlists, please head over to our Sundaze Retrospective to get your hot little hands on the goodness

  1. Chela – Jamelia (Caribou cover)
  2. MADE IN HEIGHTS – Pop It In
  3. Bloum – Faith
  4. Reva DeVito – Sweetest Taboo
  5. Abuela – Sapa
  6. Drake – All Me (Stwo Remix)
  7. Cosmo Sheldrake – I Threw A Rock Into The Sea
  8. Tundra! – Alice
  9. Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)
  10. Denai Moore – The Lake
  11. Labstract – The Backyard
  12. Steve Benjamins – Alive in the Mind of Another
  13. CEO – My Liquor
  14. Hibou – Hide Away
  15. Ben Khan – Savage
  16. Roberto Menescal – Inverno
  17. Boris Brejcha – Dark Planet

[mp3-jplayer dload=”y” tracks=”Chela – Jamelia (Caribou cover)@, MADE IN HEIGHTS – Pop It In@, Bloum – Faith@, Reva DeVito – Sweetest Taboo@, Abuela – Sapa@, Drake – All Me (Stwo Remix)@, Cosmo Sheldrake – I Threw A Rock Into The Sea@, Tundra! – Alice@, Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)@, Denai Moore – The Lake@, Labstract – The Backyard@, Steve Benjamins – Alive in the Mind of Another@, CEO – My Liquor@, Hibou – Hide Away@, Ben Khan – Savage@, Roberto Menescal – Inverno@, Boris Brejcha – Dark Planet@″]