Jack White sera de retour en 2014 !


Jack III est apparu nonchalamment hier sur le Chat du Vault pour annoncer à ses membres qu’il allait finir de produire deux albums ce mois-ci. Dont un serait le sien et le successeur acclamé par la critique en 2012, “Blunderbuss” (23 Avril 2012). C’est donc avec joie et impatience que nous vous annonçons ici même la sortie du deuxième album de Jack White, et la sortie du prochain Dead Weather prévue pour 2015. Voici le transcript du chat avec les fans en anglais… Nous ne connaissons pas encore la date de sortie du prochain album solo de Jack mais tout porte à dire que ce sera pour très bientôt.

Attendez-vous à une déferlante de Jack White pour 2014 !

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<Jack White> ………….
<Jack White> …………..
<Jack White> gracias
<Jack White> good evening
<Steffen Rasile> Excited for those singles
<Jack White> @Steffen Rasile i’m glad
<Tamtaro> @Jack White evening jack, love the new vault pack…thank you!
<Jack White> @Tamtaro i’m glad you like it
<Jack White> a lot of people have asked for years
<Jack White> for the vault to be able to get the limited edition of a record we produce
<Jack White> but it’s hard to do that
<Jack White> so we thought this time since we were coming out with all the singles
<Jack White> let’s give ALL of the limited versions of those singles to vault members this time
<Jack White> it’s nice to see “there’s no home for you” finally have proper artwork as well
<Tamora> @Jack White you said you took 2014 off to produce all the awesome record collections as well. Back on the road this year?
<Jack White> @Tamora…..maybe
<Uncle Paulie> @Jack White What’s inspiring you nowadays?
<Jack White> @Uncle Paulie dust
<thirdmanfan3> @Jack White what was your favorite moment of 2013?
<Jack White> @thirdmanfan3 listening to my children sing
<Jack White> new blue series coming this month
<Jack White> i’m producing two albums this month, and finishing them
<Jack White> one of them is mine
<Braden> @Jack White what was your least favorite moment of 2013?
<Jack White> @Braden giving up on MTV
<DeadWeatherDenver> will we ever see a Solo B Shows DVD?
<Jack White> @DeadWeatherDenver maybe
<Donna Kotow> is the paramount collection coming in a less expensive format.? Want it!
<Jack White> @crizeye haha, this is better!
<Jack White> @Donna Kotow can’t do it.
<Donna Kotow> Aw

<Jack White> @Donna Kotow all those songs are out there already released many times over
<Jack White> we just wanted to put something beautiful together and put it all in one place
<Tamora> @Jack White Can we get a taste of the new album you’re about to break loose on us?
<Jack White> @Tamora i’m producing a lot of things, you’ll get to hear them all this year, one after the bloody other!

<Coyote> @Jack White So… hints at what might come first. Solo tour or Dead Weather tour?
<Jack White> @Coyote the dead weather can’t tour this year
<Emily> When is the SECOND paramount set coming out
<Jack White> @Emily i hope november, we need to sell the rest of volume one though first
<Marc Elliott> Jack – curious if you ever knew J Dilla
<Jack White> @Marc Elliott never met
<Cathryn> @Jack White – I love the dresses the girls at Third Man wear – can I get one?
<Jack White> @Cathryn they are designed by anna sui
<Jack White> specifically for tmr
<Kathryn Frazier> Remind me, there are more new Dead Weather singles coming in future vault packages?
<Jack White> @Kathryn Frazier s’pose to.
<crizeye> @Jack White any tips for the bumble buzzzzzzz – its awesome
<Jack White> @crizeye step on it.
<hellosmith> what’s your favorite album from 2013? there were some great ones.
<Jack White> @hellosmith it was dismal for records, my favorite was yeezus. new slaves is my favorite song from 2013
<Wendy Henderson> @Jack White Tulsa wants to see you and Olivia on stage…you drumming and her on guitar! Please!!
<Jack White> @Wendy Henderson she’d have to join the Dead Weather then
<Jack White> have to go
<Jack White> nice to talk to you, take care

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Et nous vous rappelons que c’est aussi les 10 ans de Whitestripes.fr le 2 avril 2014 !! Plus d’infos à ce sujet très bientôt.

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