On And On And On | Lyrics

On And On And On

The sun and the moon never change
They just rearrange
The night and the new day
Gold exchanges for silver
And the light on a river
Gets carried away

On and on, on and on

I lift my head and I wonder
Just who it is calling
Calling my name now

I trip on my way and I blunder
My head falling under
A blanket of shame

On and on, on and on

High and low may I go
But God only knows
Just where I am going

The People around me
Won’t let me become what I need to
They want me the same
I look at myself I want to
Just cover my eyes and
Give myself a new name

The stones in the sky never worry
They don’t have to hurry
They move in their own way
But I love to choose what to do
How to act, what to think
How to talk, what to say

On and on, on and on

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