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The prospect of having to spend 14 hours with not-so-frequent flyers, and therefore very demanding, wasn’t the best of rewards. Fortunately, we landed safely in the [free] country. I spent half the flight trying to explain we’ll be handing out customs leaflets and immigration cards before our approach of JFK international to my passengers misunderstanding. There were very unattentive to the video we played them detailing every aspect of American Immigration… Next thing you know, they complain their In-flight system doesn’t work and want a bloody upgrade to F/C ! By the way passengers would complain for not having peanuts and DEMAND an upgrade… *sigh*. The best thing about being FG1 (crew that operate in First Class) is that they don’t have to deal with those unreal crazy pax because there is no where else to upgrade ! Anyway.

For the bigger part of the flight it was OK, especially the time when you can lie down and relax in a peaceful environment such as the CRC (Crew Rest Compartment). Get some sleep with the so called PowerNap, then wake up in an awful state and serve some more.

Landed in New York City and didn’t feel that bad so decided with Mel, Bourane and myself to head downtown for some sightseeing. That’s where troubles started. We planned our way up to 5th Avenue very badly as we got miserably lost in the subway. Instead of heading downtown we we’re riding out to the suburbs. So as soon as we realised, we jumped of only to take another wrong train that drove us even further away of where we were supposed to end up. At that point we decided to ask. Can I add that we didn’t have a map or nuthin’ and decided to go for the adventure. After some wise questionning of locals they gave us the way to 5th avenue. So all in all we probably spent over 1 hour and a half in that stinky, sweaty, hot subway.

Emerging just two blocks away from the famed avenue, the sun had come out and it started to get warmer. Perfect weather to walk arounf the city and getting a feel for it. I could easily see myself living there, in one the rooftop loft I spotted in Manhattan… But we’ll leave that until I make a few bucks more. We hoped on the tube again for Times Square and Broadway which was eye-poping and really fun. Did the usual photo pose in front of all the led screens and what have you.

We ate some sandwiches and strolled our way back up to Central Park and my favourite sight of the day : The Apple Store. No buys though, the queue at the counter was way too long for me to stay in line. So it was a quick zip-in zip-out and we went to relax in the Park nearby.

We had walked quite a fair bit by that time and our legs were doing the wobbly. So we tried to head back to the hotel but, as things never happen thrice, we got lost a fourth time. This time we thought we were going the right way but at a split of this yellow line we managed to take the wrong carriage and ended up somewhere far north of where we were supposed to be. So we came back on our footsteps and took the other split. We finally made it to our hotel in Brooklyn and slept until wake up call.

Check out the pictures below :


CHeeriooo !


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