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Hey all!

I have new equipment, a feature article also in the pipes and that is not it yet ! Ideas are whipping by like deseased mosquitos on crack. I dunno where  to be starting this blog entry. That is how busy I am these days. My highlight today would definately include this purcahsing spree in the musical quarter of Paris,  Where I ended – blow me down – getting a Numark mixing table cause it was the only options left for my expired serial number for the software I used until then ! And to be  completely honest with you. I can’t wait to return to the Rjing Bonanza ASAP. The Quality this thing produces (even for the small amount of 99 euros) this twin USB, 6x I/O interface for all my source switching, crossfading and the likes are extremely well executed ! I’m exstatic with today’s purchase and hope you can hear some of the difference when you tune in to hear the live a bit further down the page. I’m sorry I couldn’t update the blog earlier I was everywhere these last few days.


Between two oohH so important appointment with the flock of specialized Doctors and the different test we managed, father, mother and myself to getaway from it and escape to broadstairs for a wonderful 3 day break! It was fun all round. I luuurved the all you can eat chinese we (the grand children) dived into on Saturday Night. We Atomized the buffet choice big time. And we loved every minute of it ! Theres nothing like trothing for 15 bucks  I can assure  you!

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