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Been in London for the past month or so, I’m back in Paris for a little week before heading back out there on Saturday ! It was a real busy month so wasn’t able to post as much (in fact none) as I wanted. But I’ve put an end to that today ! Check out below !

We’ve just got news from At Night Management, the team behind Avicii’s rise to fame that another act bearing all the hallmarks of the talents of Avicii have another hit-making machine on deck.

CazzetteThey’re a Swedish duo, and young too I might add, they call themselves CAZZETTE. Two prodigies that just dropped a dubstep remix of “Save The World” by no other than SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA. A challenging track to be remixed at first, but the pair maintain the high standards and add their flair, new drops and an adrenaline fuelled finish to this Dubby Steppy Bootleg. Like their Facebook Page and go download their track below :

[download id=”500″]

bonus tracks for the long wait :

[download id=”499,498,497,501,502,503,504″]


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