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Mirror Kisses is a Virginia based synth duo created by pop wunderkind George Clanton (‘Kid’s Garden,’ ‘Music To Take Drugs To’). In 2008, Mirror Kisses released their debut album ‘Soaking Wet’ (from which the mp3’s below are taken from), instantly establishing a reputation as brilliant songsmiths with rousing choruses akin to The Human League’s seminal effort Dare. Following a three year hiatus, Mirror Kisses released a split vinyl LP alongside sister band Kid’s Garden at the end of 2011. The new record, Dance Decree, chronicles the period shortly after Soaking Wet, showcasing the band perfecting their version of the classic synthpop sound. Now armed with the rhythmic wizardry of drummer Doug Sexton, Mirror Kisses is set to reach new sonic heights in 2012/2013. In short, Mirror Kisses will surely be part of your ‘sexcapades playlist’ as of right NOW. It has that classic 80’s vibe, complete with killer synth lines, and well written lyrics. Play this while fooling around with your other half. Come back and comment below:

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