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Hey Hey maybe you’ve been wondering (or not!) what this new genre from the northern parts of England was or even meant : INDIEBOUNCE ?? Well the answer may lie in the name of PartyClub. A duo from York, in England comprising of Thomas Banks and Alex Belvoir dropping the boppiest sounds I’ve heard in a long time. At first, and I’m being honest here, I didn’t think much of it, even dubbing the music as “tacky live band now doing wedding gigs” : kick me for thinking that way, it’s down right mean and unnecessary. So really decided to give a good look . After dipping myself in their catalogue, I must say I was pleasantly surprised and having fun at the same time. To the point when I slapped myself across the face for saying the things I said previously. And some of the songs I know have stuck in my head… Good sign or else ?. So as with all good things I’m sharing it with you here.

Promise me to listen to the ENTIRE music catalogue they have on their Soundcloud. You might find it weird at first listen, but give it a little more thought, especially on the track ‘Those Girls’. Special mention for the track ‘Sparks’ :

Formed in late 2011, PartyClub herald from the quaint city of York. They are bringing #indiebounce to the worldwide, and are inviting you along for the ride. Big drums, bouncy rhythm and catchy choruses, this is music to make you smile…

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