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EEEeeek I jumped in awe when I first opened Paul’s attachment today to find the cover art of Sundaze #80. It’s very fitting that it’s coincides beautifully with a particular track in that very playlist… I’ll let you, loyal music lover, figure this one out without me. #80 is just another amazing collection of tracks by artists from around the world. Artists we have a made a connection with in the past week because of their unique sound, because we’ve grooved hard on their live set/show or because we were just, simply mesmerized. The high quality mp3s are all beautifully tagged so you do not have to waste time on your side. Cover art has been added too… No fooling around here either. Download, play and relax today : after all, it’s Sunday.

We THANK Paul Grelet and his talented, twisted mind for providing great eye-candy every week. Please share this Sundaze #80 with your friends around you if you think it’s worth the while. It would help us immensely. Seriously, IMMENSELY ! Love, Sodwee.

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Sundaze #80

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