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[title subtitle=”PETIT FANTÔME / BRODY DALLE / WARPAINT / FEU! CHATTERTON / JANELLE MONAE / EMILIE SIMON”]Photos – Rock En Seine 2014 – day three[/title]

[title subtitle=””]Live Report – Day Three[/title]

It’s the final day at Rock En Seine, and this 2014 edition turned out to be quite exceptional. With the right amount of tought process into the line-up and having somewhat manage to bring some new, up-and-coming, and established acts into a 3 day bonanza at Parc de St-Cloud, in Paris. The festival organizers have done a good job at signalling the end of the summer events and kicked-off what seems like a promising new year for music in general. With plenty to come in terms of new releases, huge acts such as La Roux, Queen Of The Stone Age, Lana Del Rey have filled the western air of this beautiful park with their vibe. The impeccable weather on the last day of the festival made for the utmost festival experience.

With Josh Homme side-stage rocking a beige shirt and bopping along to Brody Dalle‘s very grungy-punk straight from the 90’s captivate the crowds. A blend between Garbage and Courtney Love, the whole impression leaves you feeling younger, better and all you want to be doing is jump all over the place along with the rest of the festival goers. It’s a brilliant feeling. Dalle closes her set ramming herself into the drum kit : Classic rock’n’roll attitude !

I went on to check on Thurston Moore, and was told it can either turn out to be some Sonic Youth or some sort of basic Larsen effect. Not my cup of tea really. I stood there for 10 minutes before wisely deciding to go back. And within a few minutes started to feel the Sonic Youth side of the set.

The highlight of the night was most notably La Roux, delivering a pop-tastic set on the smaller stage. With “Trouble In Paradise” just freshly released and being one of the best pop albums so far this year, we enjoyed ourselves for entire duration of her set, and I believe the crowd did to ! She is a total babe when it comes to live performances.

Moving on… We had to cover Lana Del Rey‘s efforts. She’s cute, vulnerable and we understand the appeal from the audience’s point of view. On the other hand I can’t quite take her seriously. She starts off taking selfies with the crowd wasting what seemed like eternity of her set. We finally manage to steer away from the diva-ish side of her act, to concentrate of actual music. In short, the tracks from her first album are real good live, you have the impression she’s on top of her game by dear god the second album is beyond boring. That’s when we decided to head for the restroom and take advantage of the light queues. Big up however to the Drummer for plowing on even with little hiccups from Rey.

Finally we’ll get down to business with Queen Of The Stone Age closing the festival this year with a bang. Fist of all we’d like to note the fact that it was the same set list as Pukkelpop Festival… despite what Josh Homme declared in Télérama magazine about “having more freedom at Rock En Seine”…

Nothing much to stop us enjoying the performance really. Quickly we find a band on top of their game. Rock gods in fact. From Josh Homme to Jon Theodore (on drums) who tore through the set like a machine and his amazing solo in particular. Feels like the dude was gifted with a thousand arms… No surprises nor b-sides in the setlist, festival setting all the way so felt like a Greatest Hits album. In a venue setting for QOTSA it would of been average, however in a festival environment I think they nailed it. Especially after Lana Del Rey, it’s all we wanted – needed.

And that’s how the festival ended for us. Knackered, on our knees yet again and happy we saw many impressive acts. We head back home after spending the entire day out in the sun filled park. We head straight for the bed.

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