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From Croydon, South London, I introduce you to young songstress Rachel Keen AKA Raye who just recently exploded onto the british R&B scene with debut EP ‘Welcome To The Winter’. The talented artist is only 17 years old, manages to captivate her listeners with an enchanting, silky voice and badass production. Taking you on a real journey, battling the winter days/nights.

I love it when such a young teen delivers such profound, quality work. It’s something to celebrate, especially when that same artist went all the way to record, write, and co-produce an entire EP in less than 18 month and not be sidetracked at the same time. Resulting in a very compelling project. The potentially enormous things to come for her are astonishing. Mind-blowing even.

And the symptoms just prove her right… As she was brought up in a musical family. With both parents musicians in the local parish and her ancestors also songwriters and musicians themselves. Over the years Raye has become confident enough to play different instruments including the cello, flute, and piano, alongside perfecting her production skills. Also taking a shot at the guitar playing. Raised on the classic soul / jazz like Nina Simone’s, Ella Fitzgerald’s, Nat King Cole’s she definitely has many of their qualities  – Since growing up, and nurturing her culture, she grew fonder of more modern influences, Raye has also aligned with the current times, and citing her all time hero Lauryn Hill as huge sources of inspiration.

Not to mention, she’s gonna be a big thing to watch out for over the next few weeks. But for now you could go download HER FREE EP RIGHT NOW over at Rayesongs.com

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[infobox maintitle=”DOWNLOAD THIS EP NOW” subtitle=”The ‘Welcome To The Winter’ EP is available to download for free now at her website: rayesongs.com” bg=”red” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”http://www.rayesongs.com”]

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