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It’s Valentines Day. And to embellish things today, we had to introduce you to Alxndr London‘s newest single “Gunshot” (the second after “Cold Sun”).

The British singer/songwriter named Alxndr London and pronounced Alexander London (obviously) hails from the fast-becoming hipsteresque neighborhoods of East London I once called home during a summer internship at a PR agency.

Today however, I come in peace. With the great sounding effort provided in “Gunshot”. This single is a deal-breaker for us. A track that will see London, rise and rise more over the coming months as he takes the scene by storm. It’s a trippy, all-senses necessary, statement of a track, commenced on a thumping drumline with soul infused melodies and delivate vocals that seems to fit beautifully. Listen to “Gunshot” (above) and start getting your Facebook Likes ready for some action. You’re gonna like this !

You control my fate
As Minutes turn to hours
The smoke fades

Production duty fell back on the broad shoulders of British producer Loxe. The rest will be history, we totally dig this track and you should too.

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