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Mannequins are back and this time, they came up with the idea of a recorded “Live Portrait”. Putting themselves in front of the camera to offer a quick glimpse of their live performance across 4 different videos and a quick KEXP-style interview.

We had introduced them back in November last year with their infectious track “Yesterday” to a great response from you dear readers, and thought that was good timing for us to come back with some new goodies. So without further a do : there it is…

This is what we wrote about Mannequins back then :

Adrian had sent an email with the newly dropped post-punk, indie rock effort in the late hours of  Sunday evening. They call Rouen their base, a western city not too far off the coast, and close enough to Paris. But the band seems to be rooted in between the glorious country of Britain, and France. Somewhere in this empty void.

It is refreshingly energetic music. Like teens like to do. But incredibly well put together I think. Give this album a (free) download, leave a tip via Bandcamp if you deem it fit. And please watch the video for “Yeasterday” until the end where a mammoth slap come as a brilliant finish to an equally great track.

[separator type=”thick”] [title maintitle=”Worthless EP” subtitle=”by Mannequins”]

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