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From Antwerp in Belgium comes a new five-piece band, WARHOLA with a new debut track called ‘Unravel’ off of their debut EP due for release over the summer. A track we first heard over at midday today and thought it was so nicely put together we’d actually share it right away.

The band is led by frontman Oliver Symons. The outfit has a singularity that sets it aside from the rest of what’s best in the Belgian music scene : It holds two drummers and dives into heavy bass lines and fidgety beats, topped with high fetching vocals.

Warhola’s Debut EP is out this summer !

‘Unravel’ is an intricate track displaying the unique vocals of Symons on top of a glitchy, evolving sound spectrum. It’s actually quite hard to pigeonhole such an hybrid mix of genres. But WARHOLA manages one thing : keep us listening and wanting more.

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