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It’s not often that I totally fall some gracious hip hop. So rare in fact that the music by Koresma and specifically this “Southbound” jam featuring Sir Bishop on lyrics could easily be categorized in multiple other genres but hip hop.

Excuse me, I lack manners.

The pair caught us in a moment. A void we went through, two days ago. We had downloaded the track and went for a walk. Ended in a 10k trek around town, along the canal, and other neighborhoods around the Parisian capital (France). It was beautiful and the soundtrack was equally amazing. “Southbound” was THE highlight. With that in mind, we decided to share here. Hope you like it as much as we did :

Drawing inspiration from guys like Pete Rock, Flying Lotus, and Prefuse 73 for the instrumental part, Koresma has been producing for around four years. Delivering stellar chill beats including this one.

Koresma on “Southbound” :

After harnessing the original tonal sounds for “Southbound” I decided to take it in a more traditional Hip Hop direction, keeping the experimental sounds more in the background and paying a bit of tribute to the old school style. After putting together an arrangement, I realized that the song was screaming for vocals, so I hit up Sir Bishop to see if he would be interested in collaborating on the project.

Sir Bishop lives in the same area in Atlanta, and have previously collaborated on a track off Koresma‘s first EP ‘Back Home’ :

Koresma started off a guitarist and you can totally get it. The instrument is omnipresent in his music, often tweaked and manipulated beyond possible recognition. Bringing a likable twist to his urban productions.

About the video, Koresma wanted to portrait the fascinating realm of people dwelling in a very busy environment, the crowded places we go through daily, escaping by entering their own little bubble while so much commotion is going on around them. Watch video (above) directed by Brent Lambert-Zaffiono starring Sir bishop.


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