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Kings of Edelgran is a young Belgian indie-folk rock band formed in late 2013. Influenced by Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, Sigur Ros as well as many others, Kings Of Edelgran also find inspiration within the many assets and grandiose nature of the far north. Amongst them are lush wide open panoramas and the untouched beauty of the landscapes, inviting the common wanderer and listener to stop everything, stare and feel every sensation coming at them. Freed of any obstacles that may lay between them and the sound of their music.

Jérome Caudron and Josias Delcourt, the two permanent band members just dropped the full EP “Volcano” on Soundcloud. And boy oh boy does it sound grandiose, lush and very similar to the sound of Aquilo or  (northern England), albeit, much more vibrant in the instrumentation.

Go beyond the band name, it is not as Game-Of-Throney as it sounds. However, with that said, one can find an a “epic” edge, an adventurous / anthemic side to the whole offering. As if, Bon Iver was melted down to the finest alloy and combined with the purest ashes of Sigur Ros and a hint of the better Coldplay, the one we used to know (way back when). The EP, inviting you to partake with the band on a journey to the great North. Through Iceland, via Denmark and Wales…

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