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The girl-boy duo behind the hyped “Swimming Pool” track, Yuma X has finally followed up their hit single with a new release on Triple J earlier today. And it’s everything you wanted. Upon first listen, “Matchstick” trickles in the steps of “Swimming Pool” only to emerge with it’s own voice. Sound and imagery dance together to an original synth-pop beat. Its melody entrances with a rhythm as smooth as ocean waves in isolation, and the romantic lyrics roll off the tongue with modern poeticism.

Soft as silk, would you be my jasmine.

“Matchstick” is the first step to peeling away a layer of mystery from Yuma X. And their musical magic to be the real deal: When it comes to chill, synth-pop songs Yuma X has their sound and style down to the pitch. They’re in the hot spot between singing in the comfort of your own room and grooving with caution to the wind in a crowded room. “Matchstick” is only available on Spotify and Apple Music right now, so hit play below to listen.

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