Introducing: Hein Cooper | Everything starts with a guitar and a loop pedal.

Hein Cooper is a Sydney (Australia) based artist multi-instrumentalist with plenty to offer. With an indie and pop flair that you’ll undeniably fall for, the seasoned traveler has crafted the quintessential body of work for both easy-listening and great live shows. Plenty of mileage under the belt, crazy touring and opening for larger bands such as Peter Bjorn and John. The australian manages to captivate his audience with his debut album, The Art of Escape which was recorded and produced in Montreal, Canada, with Marcus Paquin – who has worked with the likes of Local Natives, Arcade Fire and The National.

Cooper says of Paquin’s involvement in the record :

It was a really collaborative process, he had a lot of great ideas that built the songs up in a way that got the ideas out of my head and into the record.

Hein says of the record :

The sound of the record is definitely reflective of where I am now. Spending the year touring and playing live, definitely got me to the point where I’m able to replicate the sound of the record live, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that if we released the album straight away.

The Art of Escape is out now through Indica Records.


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Last modified: August 25, 2018

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