Dark Light

Oceans were crossed to bring you this latest tune from brother and sister electro/pop/R&B duo Good Girl and the Bad Times. Jenny (the apparent good girl) and Eli (by process of elimination, the bad times) live in New York and London, respectively. But, the two managed to get Jenny back home for long enough to record eight songs, including this, the first single – “Love’s Lost”. A self-proclaimed piece of “dark, romantic, cry-in-the-shower sort of disco”, this one is best suited for a dark room and a pensive, maybe even lovelorn, mood.

There’s not a whole lot going on here instrumentally – just some spacey synths, a steady bass line, and a comfortable rhythm. But, everything that is going on works beautifully, and serves as a perfect bed for these dreamy vocals to rest on. An aching love letter, “Love’s Lost” is lyrically gorgeous, really coming to life thanks to Jenny’s quietly impassioned delivery. What gets me every time about this one is the fleeting beauty of that refrain – “Don’t be cruel baby”. In that moment, melody meets chord change meets all-too-familiar sentiment with split-second perfection.

An album is on the way from Good Girl and the Bad Times but, until then, go ahead and dig up some repressed memories of your ex by hitting play below.

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