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Released via the ever on point Majestic Casual record label. Oscar Oscar will no doubt conquer a few thousands more hearts with his new debut track “Hey Ho”. Not only that but blogging royalty figures have already jumped on the bandwagon and should be a clear indication of the stratospheric trajectory his fledgling career is about to take.

Oscar Oscar delivers lush thought about beats and instrumental elements here that will convince anybody listening to keep a decent stash of grey cells available for the incoming vocal delicacy bombshell he unleashes later on the track. “Hey Ho” is the perfect debut. Not setting the bar too high for yourself. Not revealing too much so you got some ammo left for what is to come and yet have a lot on offer to turn your audience in. For fans of James Blake and SBTRKT.

Listen to “Hey Ho” below and follow his socials further down…

What do you think of Oscar Oscar debut ? Let us know in the comments. Let’s have a conversation about it…

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