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When music is that good from the get go. When the first few chords from a savage bass line ring out and those deep driven vocals starts. You’ll know you’ve come to the right sanctuary. A sanctuary where a pair of dudes call themselves OTEO. In the shadows just four days ago, the duo made up of Antonin Stock and Matteo Luis (both from Cologne in Germany) are starting to clock some serious mileage on their debut track “You’re Lost” they’ve just released on their DIY label.

The track itself touches upon the subject of not “daring” oneself to any commitment. Whether it be in life, in hobbies, relationships or at work. You end up losing out on so many opportunities by remaining idle. Adventurous people will find new alleys to discover when they step out of their comfort zone. The song is about those dares.

“Our music is actually pretty ‘uncool’. The academic approach simply isn’t sexy,” says Matteo Luis.

With hints to minimalism infused into their sound, OTEO distil elements of electronic music and proto pop under Antonin’s hypnotic vocals shaping “You’re Lost” into a rather melancholic sensory overload. Akin to walking in the middle of Manhattan, looking towards the sky and just feeling oppressed by the ever present concrete structures, glass panes and steel.

OTEO’s music drinks from the same goblet as contemporaries such as Mount Kimbie, Frank Ocean, Outkast and The Foals to name just a few. Matteo studied audio design in Berlin and New York and strives for perfection in his craft, and it clearly shows throughout his previous work and productions as DJ Matteo Luis or nicknamed “Cologne’s club Mozart” by Marc Lansley of Kompakt. With Antonin, however, tends to be characterized as the agile, creative mind of the project. He had collaborated in several other bands and project before joining Matteo in their newest endeavour.

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Listen to their first ever track to be released. It’s an absolute beauty to hear, recalls elements of Jungle, Glass Animals and Her. Golden dollops of awesome dripping in your earholes with each beat.  Make sure you bookmark their work for future reference. You’ll hear a lot from these talented dudes. That’s why we tagged OTEO’s first single “You’re Lost” as #BESTNEWMUSIC on Sodwee.com !

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