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Because I’m such a fan of their output and the great music they’re putting out there. Here’s another cut from Lanski‘s Next-Generation Romantic album. This time, the track is called “Vows”. Written in the midst of planning their very own respective weddings. “Vows” is a painfully beautiful foray into the inner-workings of love. A deep dive into the scary new reality they’ll undoubtably face as newlyweds. Or as they put it so eloquently:

It’s a song of passionate love and infinite resignation, of landmines dodged and traps tumbled into.

As I have already introduced Lanski in a previous post, I won’t dive into too many more details here. However just know, we’re totally digging their sound and material. And strongly recommend an entire listen of their Next-Generation Romantics album for your own sanity. It’ll restore your faith in humanity in no time when you need it the most: On Wednesdays… This is why we’ve tagged it #BestNewMusic. 

“Next-Generation Romantic” on Soundcloud


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