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We have a soft spot for well thought out lyrical R&B and an inkling for wavy guitars. When both come into play and merge. We get a little tingling sensation in our stomach. When both are paired really cleverly. We get to a musical climax. “Sure Shot” by Bathe achieves just that and more.

The duo was formed in a shared passion for swirling harmonies and sunkissed surf guitar tones as well as a shared room and friendship by singer-songwriter Devin Hobdy and producer Corey Smith-West. The pair has worked on a forthcoming EP titled “I’ll Miss You” between New York and downtown Los Angeles.

"Guess you thought I was a sure shot
You never see me out on your block
How wrong

Caught your shadow at the bus stop
Bet your not ready for
What I got"

Bathe are influenced by contemporaries such as singer D’Angelo, writer Hanif Adurraqib, and filmmaker Barry Jenkins among others. And it clearly transpires on their first release, listen instead:

For fans of Cautious Clay, Blood Orange, Solange and Frank Ocean.

Touching upon subjects of black masculinity and the paranoia inspired by the lives of their respective father figures, Bathe surely aimed their debut in the best possible direction. Just take a listen to Devin’s soft falsetto and Corey’s airy guitar riffs on display throughout the track. These lads are onto something…

“Our goal, is to show people as many new angles on what blackness is as we can…while making people dance.”

says Corey Smith-West

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