Damaged. – Funeral

Dark R&B is an elemental force of nature as far as I’m concerned. The Weeknd’s Trilogy opened a basement door into that hazy underworld like never before, and it’s been a hard act to follow ever since. All we know so far about Damaged. is what we’re hearing on this new track Funeral, and goddamn if the vibes aren’t reminiscent of 2012 with a fresh twist.

Funeral is really just the sum of atmosphere and deceivingly excellent songwriting that’s way greater than it’s parts. That deception is in how little Damaged.‘s voice has to move to give way to narcotically addicting passages, like that five-word chorus I can’t knock out of my head.

Ever since you went away

I’ve been tryna elevate

‘Til I hit it again

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Last modified: April 4, 2020

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