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Born in 1985 and raised in the 19th district of Paris, France. Bilingual in English and French thanks to his bi-national upbringing. Knows a little Spanish too from school years. Always on the hunt for the next sound.

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When Jon isn’t writing about music, he’s making music that he wishes someone would write about. His idol is Donald Glover, for both talent and facial hair based reasons. Jon is also a contributor for HighClouds, EARMILK, and The Miami Hurricane.

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17 posts
Alex Treharne is a well travelled 22 year old songwriter / musician / plant based kid - plane hopping between Londnon, Los Angeles and the rest of the…
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5 posts
I'm 19 from Newcastle, UK. When I'm not writing I'm looking for my next thing to write about or I'm dying my hair.
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14 posts
Conor (formerly Teddy Au Top). 25yrs. Copenhagen-based Northern Irish electro musician. Found himself in Paris, on a 5yr long feast, which, indeed, turned out to be moveable.
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63 posts
A talented, young writer who battles the inherent time difference, offering a new musical outlook of the freshest dollops all the way from San Francisco, in sunny California…
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31 posts
Sophie is our intrepid interviewer. She's in charge of the ITW column at The Paris based has a flair for all things music and we cannot be…
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10 posts
Missy Scheinberg. Based out of New York, USA, Missy has had a keen ear for new discoveries, and the music scene in general for a while now, writing…
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7 posts
Cultural guru from Paris, but studies North American History and sometimes does radio shows.
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3 posts
Born in 1987. French national, based in Paris. Likes pets of the feline kind, writing and watching TV shows.
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