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Why Airboy left Emirates Airline ?

I’ve decided to add some insight on why I left Emirates so that hearsay, rumors or blatant lies do not circulate amongst wannabe crew and cabin crew alike. Also because, Emirates Airline is apparently taking liberties and using my name as an example not to follow for use of social networks, general use of internet and sharing work related information practices.

Let me put things straight here.

Contrary to popular belief, Airboy (aka Sodwee, aka Ben) has long left the position of Cabin Crew for Emirates Airline. In fact its coming close to 3 years since I left Dubai, UAE and moved back to Paris, France.

Why you must ask…

Well I fell pretty ill (fever, cold sweat and multiple other symptoms) during a layover in Shanghai, China. Took the unforgivable liberty to operate the return leg and avoid hassle with crew complement / scheduling and the consequences the contrary would of caused. Not to mention the bad record you start having upon returning to base with my line manager.

Got myself checked at the EK clinic, came out of there 4 minutes later with a few panadol tablets and with the confirmation I was “fit to fly” when I knew I clearly wasn’t.

So I called sick for the next flight. And again, and again.

I already had quite a itchy relationship with my manager for simply being a ‘travel blogger’ even when I wasn’t “putting Emirates, Dubai or the Sheikh in a bad light” – as I was told one early morning after security/customs checkpoint at crew departures.

So I’m pretty sure she jumped (or was forced to, not quite sure…) on the opportunity of my sickness record going down the road to push every button possible to get me sidelined. She eventually managed to get me so worked up that I finally couldn’t cope with the stress. Having me do red-eyes, back2backs and deliberately scheduling appointments with her sorry self to look at attendance statistics on her computer screen, the “welfare” department or various other activities like “talks” for costly “meals on wheels” with a nutrition specialist (who’s a crew himself might I add)… While I was supposed to rest, have a day off and heal that nasty virus. Nope, she saw fit I was in EGHQ at the break of dawn doing all of that… Needless to say I was in pretty ugly state at the end, friends and colleagues have witnessed and can attest.

Anyways, it went on. Got a few absents, more sick days and my general health was worsening. I had abnormal movements starting to appear in limbs, to the point where serving myself an orange juice was increasingly difficult, was gradually feeling more and more tired, non-stop and really couldn’t fly. I asked for some time off, emergency leave, even offering to take the remaining leave I had to try and treat the condition I was in. She had none of it and couldn’t see past her own interest : GET A PROMOTION.

I was admitted to the American Hospital in Dubai after a turnaround flight to Nairobi, Kenya that didn’t go as planned. Was close to fainting point, couldn’t see clear, and my right arm, right leg and head were all over the place, I was shaking and had to deadhead back. Was finally in hospital, but not before being questioned, FBI style that ghastly morning. I was cornered in a dark debriefing room (interrogation cubicle more like) with three seniors to answer to : The acting Duty Officer, my Purser and my SFS. “Did you take any substances ? Do you have substances on you ? Why are you flying like that ?” and many other questions shot my way… I was pale white and in desperate need of some sleep. It was hell. Couldn’t think straight.

I had to call sick from my hospital bed, each and every day as ordered by that daft woman : my manager. She turned sour that day when she got the news of me being in hospital. And forever since, remained the same un-phased robot behind her desk on the dreaded 3rd floor open space of Emirates Group Headquarters.

Needless to mention, the Dubai healthcare being what it is, even with a premium insurance and what not, wouldn’t cover the costs of an extended stay there. So came the time to make a decision. Stay in Dubai, face a huge ass bill for medical “care”, face the wrath of my Cabin Crew Manager, and face the possibility of being handed not one, not two but three warnings, thus putting my sorry-self on the firing line or simply resign, get free, quality treatment in France and above all, some much needed rest, TLC and attention from the Parentals ??

Well, the answer is quick to figure out. I RESIGNED. Much to my CCM’s surprise (or lack of in fact). I simply walked in her 3rd floor open space cubicle, overlooking the runways of DXB airport one morning, in shorts, classy t-shirt, flip-flops and iPod screwed on loud (you’re usually not allowed to dress that way, but that day and for the sake of my despair I did, I truly couldn’t be arsed)… She started with the attendance statistics scenario… My eyes rolled and stopped her right through.

“I’m here to resign” did I say. Without a flick on an eye-lid, nor a word, she got up, went over to her assistant, mumbled a few words and came back with the Letter of Resignation, copied twice. I read, signed both, and walked off the same way I came in. The less I saw of her, the better I felt.

I felt such a relief. But knew I only had two weeks to get the fuck out of there. So I did after being forced to hand over my passport for a week instead of the usual 2 days. I wonder why, still (*sigh*).

Ever wondered what my manager became ?? SHE GOT PROMOTED, and now acts as a Cabin Crew Manager for Senior Flight Stewardesses. How surprising !

Anyways. I’m here, in France now, with a treatment for this apparently rare condition…


Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately we have ceased to update the Airboy blog due to lack of stuff to rant about. Which is also a consequence of Airboy leaving his job for a medical hiatus. With all the hope in the world we expect to be back up and running at a later date, in the same field, with no confirmation as of yet. Of course, we’ll let you know when it happens. In the meantime, you can check Melissa’s amazing online estate for all things aviation and E*ir*t*s Airline related. You can even ask her specific questions. She is one of the most well informed individual for that (see below for the different links).

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