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Reminds me of my brother back in the days ! Just a quick video post from the magnificient, green and peaceful english countryside as pictured by Constable : Heathrow. Yes I thought I was going to Nice via Rome up until about 4-ish yesterday when Crew Controller called me and said I was no longer invited to join the Nice bound flight EK 095 but instead join the London Heathrow flight EK 001 leaving at approximately the same time. Now I know I regret it deeply. One hour from city center. 50 pounds away in the cab… I mean we have the dreamiest location… NOT ! But you know, nervermind, I’ll stuff myself with Club Sandwiches and lobby peanuts until we lift off again tomorrow. Until then goodbye ! And I’m sorry, no pictures unless you like the looks of melting tarmac and industrial estate panoramas.


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