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Yoke Lore – Safe and Sound

May 14, 2019 • Adrian Galvin, previously from Yellerkin and Walk The Moon fame has had a solo project for a while now named Yoke Lore....

| May 14, 2019

Introducing: Mandarina

May 10, 2019 • Introducing #Mandarina , a Franco-Colombian duo based out of Paris with their debut...

Melis – Falling Into Place & Undercurrent EP released

May 10, 2019 • Friday's are release days in the music industry. And today, coming by way of Berlin,...

Tessa Dixson – Ignited

May 10, 2019 • Tessa Dixson is one true force to reckon with this year as she prepares her takeover....

Flies+Flies – Show Me Again

May 8, 2019 • "Show Me Again" marks the first of a series of new singles to be released this year. It...

Introducing... New to us, new to you.

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Havelock – Vacancy

May 17, 2019 • Havelock, has just released a second single in the name of "Vacancy" that touches upon...

| May 17, 2019

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Introducing: Mandarina

May 10, 2019 • Introducing #Mandarina , a Franco-Colombian duo based out of Paris with their debut...

| May 10, 2019

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Introducing: Wesphere

April 12, 2019 • From Barcelona, Wesphere is a four piece outfit that produces a sensory journey. Blending...

| April 12, 2019

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Lost Beach return full-frontal with “Money Honey”


Today, the band (formed in 2017) have added to the body of work and enhanced that beachy vibe a notch more on their 14th release so far. Titled "Money Honey"....

Tropic Harbour – Act Cool


Tropic Harbour should ring a bell if you have been reading this leeel'blog of ours for over a year. January 2018 it was. We covered the amazing "Can't Pretend" track by Mark Berg...

Ivytide – Late Nights


Sodwee.com HQ favorites Ivytide return with a brand new single from upcoming release and – as you do – a new contract under the belt with Higher Reign Music (distributed by...

NIGHTMØDE takes control of the “Same Old Problems”


NIGHTMØDE has released a brand new track titled "Same Old Problems" that touches on coming to terms with issues that have haunted you for some time before you decide to tackle...

Baseball Gregg – The Movies feat. Pecas & William Corduroy


Continuing their monthly release of a tracks throughout 2019 from a project appropriately dubbed 'Calendar', Baseball Gregg have just released their fourth installment titled "The...

Leisure – On My Mind + FREE CONCERT


New Zealand super group Leisure have been on our radar for yonks (as you'll find out here) and have always impressed me with their laid back soundscapes and easygoing vocals tied...

Mixtape Sixty Nine – Listen Now


Freshly baked and ready to impress. Enjoy this selection. Don't forget to like, comment, repost and favorite on Mixcloud. Let us know your favorite track in the comment section...

Joy Downer’s total hand-brake turn with “Getaway Car”


"Getaway Car" is cinematic, produced to the heavens with sleek vocals and a that common urge to complete the track in one take....

Bathe drops funky “Dealer” ahead of debut EP release


A week ahead of the official release of their debut EP 'I'll Miss You'. Brooklyn-based surf R&B duo Bathe revealed their new single "Dealer" after two previous bangers "Kimmi" and...

Danish wonder band LISS return with first single “Talk To Me” from upcoming ‘Second’ EP


"Talk To Me" is the first single from Liss' upcoming sophomore EP and slides in very well with established sounds and production value that will satisfy the acquainted ears out...

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