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Raised in Orange County – California, Billy Kim also known as Karaboudjan, his “nom de scene” chosen from the ship in the Adventures of Tin Tin. Billy Kim is a born musician, watching his parents jam to music from an early age to now touring with Tycho across the US. He’s a seasoned creative with a contagious passion.

It’s about being better late than never, and even then you’re not truly certain if that’s the right decision.

Billy Kim a.k.a. Karaboudjan

“Falling Forwards” is the brand new – fourth – single from an upcoming debut solo album titled “IMAGO” where we will hear vocals by the main man. A song built specifically for that reason as he didn’t quite manage to find a perfect vocalist out there to no avail. Came the decision to write the song for his own signature voice. And I think he found a gem right there.

The track “Falling Forwards” channels an interesting array of influences. Ranging from psychedelic rock to the modern indie pop sensibilities of our days. Think of Blur, Tame Impala and Animal Collective together on a tour bus and getting creative. It really is a trip. And comes after three other singles released earlier in the year to critical acclaim and a great addition to the coherent body of work he as produced so far.

Falling Forwards
by Karaboudjan

Out now on all platforms

Originally, I was searching for a vocalist that would fit this project, starting back in 2017, but nothing came to fruition. So it forced me to write my own vocals, which really helped to find the sound for Karaboudjan.

Says Billy Kim of his new track “Falling Forwards”.


Could have, should have, who even cares?
I hate the taste but it helps to share
Too little, too late
Leave it to fate

Might as well and just pack it up
Feeling like that you had enough

Breathe in, breathe out and suck it up
I like the way it makes me tough
And fight through

Come on, come on, come on
Am I ready? Ready for?

Like it or not there is no choice
Falling forwards with just your voice
So little, so late
I won't stagnate

Come on, come on, come on
Am I ready? Ready for?

For Fans Of (#FFO) artists such as Radiohead, Blur, Tame Impala, Jon Hopkins, and Animal Collective to name a few, Billy describes “Karaboujdan” as a dreamy psych-indie rock.

“There are two definitions, and I’m using both,” explains Billy. The first definition is quite literal as I’ve reached adulthood while completing my first solo endeavor. It’s like I’ve finally reached a stage in my life where I am comfortable enough to finally release my own music that relates to personal topics for me. The second definition is an homage to my father, who definitely influences my behavior, especially after his death.”

Billy Kim on his new solo project and the meaning of it.

Do take the time out to listen to the rest of his tracks below in our PASSPORT section and make sure to follow his different profiles around the web. All conveniently offered further down.


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