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Sodwee.com HQ is more than thrilled to re-Introduce you to JONES. The London-based singer-songwriter briefly appeared in 2014 with two tracks before holing up and putting herself to work with a wide spectrum of producers including A.K. Paul (Jai Paul‘s own talented brother), XL’s recording’s in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald and newcomer Brunelle (on “Deep”), artist Raffertie (on “Indulge”), and alt-pop mastermind A. K. Paul (on You).

 JONES drops the lead track from her debut EP, ‘Indulge’. Out April 20th.

JONES, born and raised to a soul-loving mother, she used to update a very personal diary from a young age. She finally turned them into songs for this EP.

The London gal with her distinctive voice blends polished electronic sounds with raw, organic elements, showcased in her debut EP ‘Indulge’, arriving next week on 37 Adventures.

[title maintitle=”Previous Tracks” subtitle=”by JONES”]

[title maintitle=”Tracklist” subtitle=”Indulge EP out via 37 Adventures”]

  1. Indulge
  2. Deep
  3. You
  4. Indulge (Jam City Alt Mix)

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