S.O.D.WEE stands for Sound Of Da WEEk and has been around since early 2006. Providing the best nuggets of music week in, week out. We started showcasing a track or video per week due to bandwidth limits back in those days. Thankfully, technology and access to decent broadband connections around the world has changed the face of the music industry for the long run. And consequently has enabled to post more than a track/video a week.

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Recently, SODWEE.com has been involved in different projects around the world. Travel blogging with Emirates for two years before settling down in Paris, France and getting some action behind the ever successful Whitestripes.fr (A francophone fansite) as well as mutliple White Stripes related events around the capital and France at large… It is now in the top three most visited White Stripes destination worldwide, and a trusted source for Jack White, Meg White and all things Third Man Records related. Sodwee.com, Whitestripes.fr as well as the subsequent social network Ben aka Sodwee has built around these two sites continues to grow and are ever popular amongst music afficionados around the globe.


Also known as Sodwee

Ben, its owner, was born in 1985 and raised in the 19th district of Paris, France. He is bilingual in English and French thanks to his bi-national upbringing. Knows a little Spanish too from school years. Always on the hunt for the next BIG SOUND, he has amassed a substantial amount of music over the years. His library reflects his eclecticism. From oldies to this years dubstep breakthrough tracks he has them all. Working for different establishments in the capital city of France after graduating in Literature out of school he dived into the hospitality industry. Starting as bus-boy in a popular joint at the age of 18, moving the hierarchy ladder to become shift manager at 20 and finally moved out to Toulouse in the south of France to take on a assistant manager position for the same chain of pubs. Came the opportunity to relocate to Dubai to work as Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant for Emirates Airline.

He took on the challenge and was soon to be criss-crossing airways hoping from city to city worldwide. Enjoyed his time until he got back to Paris, France two years later and decided to change career path and swiftly moved out to London, UK for a pleasant internship at a world renowned PR agency (Get In!) working on online profiles for big name DJs such as Avicii, Martin Solveig, John Digweed, Moguai, Cazzette and many more. Since then, he has been back in Paris, France and is enjoying himself writing about music on a daily basis for a growing number of readers.


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If you’d like your music featured on this blog, go ahead and send me your Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. and a little about who you are, along with some pictures. Press Releases are more than welcome. A link to an MP3 download is even better. I tend to publish music I like to defend. Music I enjoy bopping to. A quick browse through the blog will give you a sense of the editorial. I like any genre, any kind of music. So don’t let previously posted stuff put you off from sending me new delicious music…


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