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I caved in big time and went down that rabbit hole. Here are four Spotify playlists (with more coming in the future) I put together for some of my favorite moments. Your commute to work and back or simply just chilling at home with friends.

  • PARAD!SCO: packed chocka with the newest best new/current tracks as seen on the blog.
  • SLEEP PARALYSIS: The best tunes to capitalize on your afternoon siesta or help you wobble into bed. Enhance your sleep and get the horizontal rest your body needs.
  • MORNING SUNSHINE: Music for mornings. Shuffle works best. Wake up, rise, shine and get your routine going.
  • PILLOW•TALK: Cuddle up. Dive into your fresh cotton-cloud linen. soft, wrapping music to snog along into the night. CURRENT. CRAFTED. CURATED. By Sodwee.com. Frequently updated.

Playlists are regularly updated. So do not hold back and go forth: add them to your favorites and follow us on Spotify. We’d be happy to connect with you there also…

PARAD!SCO by Sodwee
pillow.talk by Sodwee.com

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Thanks again for stopping by. Best, Ben.