Gaidaa – COLORS Live in NYC


At the start of 2020 and before it all went south. Gaidaa released her debut EP Overture to critical acclaim. Today, she's back in the limelight with COLORS*studios, with a...

Steven Robertson – Roof Song


As a last effort, I walked into The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, where a guy in sweatpants and socks was putting on a stadium-sized show for a modest bar crowd. The guy was...

Leisure – On My Mind + FREE CONCERT


New Zealand super group Leisure have been on our radar for yonks (as you'll find out here) and have always impressed me with their laid back soundscapes and easygoing vocals tied...


See JUNGLE live in Paris at the prestigious Olympia Hall.


We thought you might be interested in winning a pair of tickets for JUNGLE's live show at the prestigious Olympia hall in Paris on February 24th 2019?...

Pitchfork in Paris. The low-down.


Recounting what went down at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2018 is as hard a feeling to convey as heated enchantment laced with freezing temperatures....

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Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2018: Main Event


Like every year since its inception, covers the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris taking place right in his neighbourhood during Halloween Weekend. It’s a mammoth...

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Pitchfork Music Festival Paris: Avant-Garde


Happening in the heart of the 11th district, Pitchfork Avant-Garde is a time for new music discoveries just before the main event in the 19th district of Paris. Some of these...

Cubicolor unleash ‘Boxed Out’. Announce European tour: Tickets up for grabs!


Made of British frontman Tim Digby-Bell and Dutch producing duo Ariaan Olieroock & Peter Kriek, Cubicolor just released a brilliant track called "Boxed Out" that got our umami...

11 new concert giveaways for Fall / Winter season up for grabs


We have 11 great shows we'd like to invite you and one of your friends to. Enter one or all of the following giveaways to get a chance to win a pair of tickets for those shows...

FIVE NEW CONCERT GIVEAWAYS: Lauren Auder, Rostam, Wye Oak, Phlake and PIAS Nites


Pop Up Du Label in Paris bustling 12th arrondissement has one of the most eclectic, fine-tuned new music line-up of the French capital. We have partnered with Popup! & Super...