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Speaking of being overwhelmed with chromatic visuals… Here comes Gaidaa from Eindhoven. The Dutch Sudanese singer-songwriter teamed-up once again with YouTube #trending page royals COLORS show to deliver a live performance from New York City exclusively for COLORS where she proves once more her amazing vocals and songwriting skills. On top of acoustic instrumentals and the analogue edge of the rhythm & blues Gaidaa offers throughout, the 20-year-old artist shows raw, un-edited vulnerability and strikes a winning relatability with the audience she interacts with.

Gaidaa started her unstoppable career back in 2018 after featuring on Full Crate’s “A Storm On A Summers Day” as well as racking an impressive number of gigs she managed to secure an opening spot on Masego’s tour.

Gaidaa – COLORS Live in NYC:

  1. Ride My Way
  2. OMG (Usher Cover)
  3. Still Water

At the start of 2020 and before it all went south. Gaidaa released her debut EP Overture to critical acclaim. Today, she’s back in the limelight with COLORS*studios, with a recorded live performance from NYC. Taking an acoustic take that showcases the deep attributes of her voice and taking it to new heights with fantastic confidence. The EP titled “COLORS Live in NYC” will be released on 11th of December on all available platforms:


Watch “Morning Blue” below:

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