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Freshly baked and ready to impress. Enjoy this selection. Don’t forget to like, comment, repost and favourite on Mixcloud. Let us know your favourite track in the comment section below… This mixtape is best heard with a set of headphones or earbuds, via Mixcloud

Tracklist for Mixtape Eighty-Five:

  • INTRO 0:00
  • Lewis OfMan – Attitude 00:14
  • PVA – Talks 03:50
  • Bad Flamingo – Dead Man’s Hand 08:02
  • SAULT – Don’t Shoot Guns Down 11:36
  • Lo Village – Out The Window 13:26
  • Crystal Murray – GGGB (Hotel Room Drama) ft. Dian 17:12
  • Spill Tab – Cotton Candy 19:30
  • Gaidaa – OMG (ColorsStudio Live in NYC) [Usher cover] 20:56
  • Bizar – Eu Ela 23:02
  • Le Tigre – Sixteen 26:27
  • Sabrina Bellaouel – Wish You Were Home 29:46
  • Sal Dulu – B ft. Koncept Jack$on 32:16
  • N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U 38:02
  • Morly – Twain Harte 42:20
  • Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke – Her Revolution 45:04
  • END 51:40
Mixtape 85 Cover

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