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Hey folks, it’s been a hot minute out here since we’ve been scribbling our heart into pithy words for you. So I’ve gathered a little creative strength and overcame my general somber, wintery ‘bleh’ to actually just touch base with a Franco-Cuban duo I hold dearly.

I’m well aware that it’s been a week or so that Ibeyi has hit us with a brand new single titled “Made Of Gold” off of their upcoming release. However, this new single is truly a keeper in our books. Especially since they’ve featured a hotly-tipped artist that roams by the name of Pa Salieu.

The track eases in with a little sneaky French lesson that literally translates to “Let’s do it” as if the three artists were candidly recording just before they belt out some inspiring music. Pa Salieu tagging along aptly before unleashing some vocal realness upon us. Carried amazingly throughout the track by the sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz who deliver some stunning magic once again. Needless to say, that rhythm has gotten the better of us and that new single foreshadows the future release (it’ll be their 3rd release) that Ibeyi has been at work in the studio, stirring some delicious music with Richard Russell, XL Recordings boss, and longtime producer. Hit play below for more.

We also strongly recommend the accompanying music video directed by Daniel Sannwald after the visual concept by Ibeyi

Listen to “Made Of Gold” by Ibeyi ft. Pa Salieu

Watch “Made Of Gold” by Ibeyi ft. Pa Salieu

Directed by Daniel Sannwald.

“The first song we produced in the studio was “Made of Gold.” Whilst we were creating the layers of the backing vocals, we could feel that we were making contact with our ancestors; that what we were recording was calling on the brujas and our ancestors for their ancient knowledge. “Made of Gold” is about connecting to our ancestors’ knowledge, to the truths of the past and the power of the ancient. The line is not broken, nor is it lost. Protected by these spells, our third album will see us conveying our reconnection to that power and channeling that magic into our new music.”

Lisa-Kaindé says on new single “Made Of Gold” featuring Pa Salieu.



On le fait? 

Make sure they hear us 
Feel it 
We are the anger and the hunger.


Holy Water
Crying at the altar
Ignite your desire
Freedom for the mire, mire

Burning at the altar
Rewriting sacred scripture 
So we could be together, together 

My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold
Meet me at the altar 

Kneeling at the altar 
Gathering our power 
Heat is getting higher, higher 

I have dreams
My Forefather told me « Complete mission now »
They ain’t really broke us 
They can never make our story now 
My soul shows them passion 
Your history walks through them golden lines 
Your blood carries Diamonds
When they thought they cleared that spirit away
We are the reincarnation. 

My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold
Meet me at the altar 

You know that it’s good, you know that it’s good for you 

My Spell made of Gold, Gold, Gold
Meet me at the altar 

Oh you with a spine, who would work your mouth against this Magic of mine
It has been handed down in an unbroken line 
The sky encloses the stars, I enclose Magic 

I enclose Magic

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