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The floor is lava! Kind of. Think of this new VĀRUA EP by QuinzeQuinze as a scrumptious sounding liquid oozing from your favorite creme egg, paired with all the necessary visuals and the climatic sounds to boot. A backstory and amazing writing. Add to that the great-sounding creative juices that the Parisian collective QuinzeQuinze we’ve covered numerously here on the blog and you’ve got yourself a winning ticket. VĀRUA EP, released on the 28th of January 2022 brings a never-ending supply of lush production value and rhythms to die for.

Vārua, which stems from soul or spirit in Tahitian, is also the root of the word Vārua’ino, designating both evil spirits and celestial phenomena (thunder, rain, meteorites, and rainbows), painting a whole new dimension for your senses. The EP counts seven-track equally as interesting as the previous all set in obscure moods mixing traditional steel drums with a modern twist with the all-encompassing synths.

Today, QuinzeQuinze has released yet another fabulous body of work. And members Ennio, Julia, Marvin, Robin, and Tsi Min have drawn the energy needed for the creation of this new project in the best of ways possible. 

Listen to “Tapu Te Po” by QuinzeQuinze from their brand new EP titled VARUA

VARUA - QuinzeQuinze - Sodwee.com


released January 28, 2022.

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Hororaa tupapa'u

Taria mata ihu vaha iri, 
E o'i pau roa (ia ratou),

Aore tari'a, faaroo a'e nei (ia ratou),
Aore mata, itea a'e nei (ia ratou),
Aore ihu, ho’i a’e nei (ia ratou),
Aore vaha, i aparau a'e nei (ia ratou),
Aore iri, hotaratara a'e nei (ia ratou),

Í taua ruì ia oe e íte ai

Mai nià mai e tae roa i to avae 
E piti a faaói mai ia au i te tipi rahi

(A Tapu te po, ‘A ‘ara)

La nuit je fais les cent pas
En dehors des sentiers
Je ne vois ni ne sens
Marche sur des cent-pieds

Le vent me glace le sang
Le temps menace l'instant
Je ne vois ni ne sens 
Plongé dans un long songe

Mes tympans grésillent
Les néons clignotent
Les ombres me grignotent
Les secondes sont si longues
Mes pensées oscillantes
Du bruit vers les silences


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