Introducing: Dijon

Dijon first came to my attention as a collaborator, having provided backing vocals on what I thought were the best tracks from BROCKHAMPTON‘s “SATURATION” series – namely, the ones fronted by Bearface. But, hearing Dijon’s own work, it’s obvious that this is a guy who belongs in the foreground.

His latest track and video, “VIOLENCE )” is a love song that’s as beautifully organic as they come. The drowsy guitar work and the beat’s fluttery shuffle impart a dizzyingly familiar feeling of warm ecstasy mixed with butterflies, while the mellow but encapsulating vocals tell a story that’s detailed and personal, but somehow universal. This is a private letter exposed, a passionate in-joke that’s still funny because you’ve heard one so similar.

I’m begging you, Violet

Would you stay around with me?

Dijon is an exciting artist, and the fact that his upcoming EP, “A Horse From Memory”, isn’t far off is even more exciting. An authentic artist with good stories to tell, and a knack for telling them – what more could you ask for?

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Last modified: January 12, 2018

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