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It’s 3a.m. in the morning and you’re in the car with someone you barely know. The wind is crisp and running through your hair. You turn on the radio and an atmospheric song, soft but with intention, changes the mood completely. Suddenly you could love this stranger. You could kiss them, save them, love them… Whatever you choose, the world continues to turn. Defining that kind of tension is exactly what BLAJK‘s song “Lost” does.

Right off the runway and onto the stage, BLAJK is a packaged deal. With a Lana Del Rey meets The 1975 vibe (and just as much attractiveness), this five-piece band from Toronto is made for the spotlight. They released their first song “Hamptons” in October and their follow-up song “Lost” confirms they know what they’re doing. Jordan Radics‘ triggering voice brings a bout of emotions that flow smoothly like good whiskey. Keep an eye on BLAJK as they turn the stage into their new runway. It’s polished electric soul.

Listen to the tracks below (also available for download!):



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