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A special part of supporting an artist from the beginning is seeing how much they’ve grown as a musician. One act is RVRB, who holds a place in my (dearskye’s) memories as a marker of my youth and college days. Originally as a two person project for remixes, RVRB is now Cameron Mitchell‘s solo endeavor. It’s been almost three years since he’s has made a sound, but now he’s come back with a soundtrack for a montage of youth. Through the journey of self discovery, RVRB sings through nostalgia, heartbreak and honest expression.

About a year ago, I finally just quit caring so much about what I thought people wanted to hear, and started to care more about what I would be proud of.

– Cameron Mitchell

We’re pleased to premiere two songs of his 6-track EP “RVRB,” which debuts November 27. The first song “Lost//Awake” feels like swiping through a collection of memories, from late nights to early mornings. It’s a wistful track heavily influenced by M83, and could easily fit on The Perks of Being a Wallflower soundtrack.


A big theme for the EP is black and white. Seems pretty cliche, but that’s what I’m feeling right now. Not so much that emotions are either black or white, but in a way that life doesn’t always feel colorful. I’m looking at the world through a more complicated lens of heartbreak, questioning, doubts, and fears. It’s not morbid feeling to me though. Maybe one day the colors will start to blend.

– Cameron Mitchell

We’re absolutely feeling the black and white matrix, which shows itself clearly in “Maybe I Could.” There’s a sweet release in repetition, indulging in the idea of mistakes and letting go.


Previews on RVRB‘s Instagram also showcase heavy atmospheric influences from The Japanese House and Small Black, a sound that guaranteed to hits you right in the feels. So keep an eye out for the EP release on 11/27. But for now… Indulge in the sneak peek of RVRB‘s new songs and sound. Scroll back up if you missed it!


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