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Ten Fé are Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan. Two britons from London. The pair have dropped the second single “In The Air” last week and prepping a headlining UK tour at the end of this month in support of their upcoming album which should drop via Bad Life… A prolific english talent factory whom have already worked with the likes of Petite Noir, Attaque and Mai Kino to name a few of my faves.

Here are a few lines from the musicians themselves. And the track “In The Air” you must hear. It’s anthemic, plenty of electronic layers, some indie vibe thrown in the mix for good measure and British Street-Credibility. We can only approve this Single… Give it a whirl and let us know what you think in the comment section :

In The Air” is a vibrant electronic-indie number; its driving groove, insistent sequences and lyrical echoes give it a prayer- or mantra-like quality. Ben Moorhouse’s and Leo Duncan’s interwoven vocal, guitar and synth lines create a lush bed of harmony throughout the track. This time Ben takes lead vocal, as he sings about moving on from pain, celebrating coming from the dark into the light and being ready for love again. It has a deeply cathartic message “I’m through the dark, and I’m through the rain…I’m not through with love, but I’m through the pain…. Moving on the feeling in the air

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