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Sometimes, you’ve gotta admit that Hillydilly gets all the good stuff, First. And today is no different : We’re introducing Petricha to our French readers, a band from the London comprised of Joe Munday, Laura Steel, Ian Jenkins and Theo Jackson. Discovered by the revered blog royal a few hours before we came across the brilliance of their first self-titled EP. There’s absolutely no doubt after the first listen, that they have got us hooked to their spacey sounds led beautifully female/male vocals, expert use of electronic elements, and real tasty lyrics to binge on. Grab the self-titled EP on Bandcamp (NYP/free) and stream the whole debut here, make sure you follow these guys on their Soundcloud and Facebook too :

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(via Hillydilly)

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Follow Petricha on : Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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