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Hey people, thanks for sticking around this long ! Here’s Mixtape n°26 fresh off the press right below for you to play ! Enjoy new tracks from artists such as Off Bloom, Refs, Leisure, Fortunes and Nilüfer Yanya as well as plenty more classic nuggets you really need to listen to…

This week we’ll be covering the Pitchfork Music Festival to the best of our abilities. It’s a mammoth music event and we should have fun checking out the bands out there. Starting tomorrow we’ll be all hands on deck with the first night of the Avant Garde events spread across 7 venues in the heart of the Bastille District here in Paris. We’ll bring you some quality picture by the talented professional photographer Sophie Jarry… Some real-time nuggets by yours truly via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (who knows, I’ll maybe go LIVE too). Stay tuned :

[title maintitle=”PLAN OF ACTION” subtitle=”Where, what and when…”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”Tuesday 25th October”]
Nilüfer Yanya – 20h00 (Badaboum)
Loyle Carner – 20h30 (Café de la Danse)
Mabel – 21h00 (Badaboum)
Jones – 22h00 (Café de la Presse)
[/tab] [tab title=”Wednesday 26th October”]
Skott – 20h00 (Badaboum)
Jordan Rakei – 21h00 (Badaboum)
Requin Chagrin – 22h15 (Badaboum)
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