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Bryde is a girl & an electric guitar singing fierce and fragile songs. Influenced by the likes of Scout Nibblet, PJ Harvey, Ben Howard and Sharon Van Etten, Bryde is originally from West Wales that has now relocated to London. Described as being about entangling and unravelling, it sways from tender and delicate, to tough and unforgiving… Bryde’s music is timeless for that reason. And you should really stop anything you’re currently doing to really fully immerse yourself in the experience. Seen the gal live, she rocks.

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Cue Tsar B’s great cinematography on latest single ‘Swim’, which is by the way, self-directed:

With the amount of music I have to spin, I can only select a few to do write ups on – it’s a one man operation here, and my grey cells are dwindling by the hour – so here’s a little weekly bonus selection of music we haven’t had the time to cover but really do recommend nonetheless. These one liners are where I usually start my posts. It’s packed with the latest tracks, gems, and dancefloor goodness you’ve come to expect from Sodwee.com. Sit back, enjoy those Cloud Droppings and Like us on Facebook

[title maintitle=”BEST OF THE REST” subtitle=””] [separator type=”thick”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column][/column] [column]Peluché – Swim | We are very proud of this EP. It’s our first collection of songs, which we have written and self-produced. The first half represents feelings of commitment and attachment; the way that people can feel connected in positive and negative polarities. The second half is about taking a chance and breaking free. We were fueled by papaya and pumpkin seeds during the recording process, we woke up early and went to bed early[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column][/column] [column]Shelter Point – Velvet | “Velvet” is another fine example of their impeccable production talents. The Nottingham (UK) duo’s vocal delivery hovers above pixel-perfect melody lines alongside stripped back percussion and colorful synth lines, on route for a brilliant silky-smooth track.[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column][/column] [column]Off Bloom – Love To Hate It |Love To Hate It’ is about chasing something you can’t have and how the rejection can make you feel even more passion, and feeling desperate and alone can also be a fucking amazing feeling! You want to feel something! Even if it isn’t a productive or efficient thing, which you’re constantly expected by society to be.[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column][/column] [column]Von Sell – Miss Me | ‘Of the songs on this EP, ‘Miss Me’ is the first song I started, and the last song I finished writing. I kept revisiting it on a monthly basis, kept gently tweaking it – so unlike some of the other songs, this one is harder to pin down, it’s harder to explain what the song exactly is about because it’s meant different things to me at different times during the process of producing the EP. Theres definitely a core element of needing to be needed in there, the burden of it, the beauty of it and what it’s like to deal with someone else’s vulnerabilities. It’s also the first and so far only track I’ve written (at least in the beginning stages) on guitar – no idea how I pulled that off… I really don’t know how to play guitar at all.[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”] [columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”] [column][/column] [column]RØRSTAD – Try Again | When someone takes the extra effort and time to send in (via snail mail) an album for review purposes, you can expect to go two ways. Either a real good album/EP comes through the post, or something that is really bad they didn’t want to face the rejection/decline emails we’d send. Today though RØRSTAD surprised us with his album titled ‘Ø’ and out next Friday 28th October. Give ‘Try Again’ a spin, it’s chill and well produced. Not to mention, it was recorded between Paris, Oslo, Stavanger and Nashville. Brede RØRSTAD is a Norwegian now based out of Paris…[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”]


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