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Well well well. We’re on a roll here ! Next in our Introducing series goes for Haliia. Only a mere 4 hours ago they published “With You Forever” and boy did they stop me in my course. ‘With You Forever’ is the stunning new single from a Hawaiian/Sydney duo, who go by the name Haliia. This unexpected Hawaiian/Australian duo is members Djahy Homalon and Sam Litchfield getting to toy around with voice effects, and having the wit to write down notes of their lyrics for future reference. Sam and Djahy then recorded this true belter. Where Movement might have left us a little underfed, we can probably expect some real cute cuts from Haliia. In truth, they already have proven themselves here. So why wait to indulge ? Go play the track !

This song talks about different feelings and the struggles that come from being in a relationship. It’s also about the strong desire to be with someone no matter what.

Haliia on ‘With You Forever’


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