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Betsy is from Wales, where her parents run a goose farm. She’s dipped her finger in a lot of artistic projects around London, and Paris, in the Fashion Industry in particular, after studying fashion design then moving to Paris, to design catwalks for Balenciaga. Her first love thought, was and remains music, and “Fair” from her debut EP via Warner Brothers UK / Columbia US gives a real snapshot of her abilities stylistically and of course vocally. She previously laid her pristine voice on a track called “Endless Love” by Joe Goddard a little while ago :

Betsy is inspired by that mix of ninetied electronics championned by acts like Massive Attack and quite soulful, gospel melodies as she grew up on artists like Billie Holiday or Annie Lennox. After her couple years in Paris, she came back to Wales to her brother’s back garden, to live in a caravan. She co-produced her debut EP Fair with dark subjects running through : subjects like getting bogged down, and suffocating in a love relationship that’s failling.

I know it ain’t right, I know it ain’t fair, To hold on to love, a love that’s no longer there


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