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Today we’d like to take you to a small Kent town, along the commuting railroad that takes you in Charing Cross, in East London. Where Elle Watson, a very young, supremely gifted individual female singer-songwriter hails and roams from when she’s not in Shoreditch or Paris’ red light district taking selfies in front of bright coloured neon lights for a shared moment on Instagram.

Cut the mustard, get to the point (note to self). The bottom line is, Elle Watson comes from a quiet East England market town called Sevenoaks. The ordinary town otherwise known for housing RotoSound, a British guitar and bass string manufacturing company that provided Hendrix, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) amongst other legendary acts. So it was only natural that Ella Watson’s voice got noticed while singing during her first performance back in 2012, in front of a studious crowd of punters from Thekla (Bristol). In that particular video she appears, cautious, always looking for a comforting, familiar face in the crowd. Looking very fragile, and not sure of how she came to sing on a stage in the first place. Not Until…

Let’s just listen to the music, that reminds us of that one time…

She belts out a ridiculous amount of vocal skill half-way through the track and stuns everyone in attendance.It’s the kind of presence and shivering sensation you get while you look and see how easy it looks to sing the way she does, without any effort at all. She climbs up, there, delivers a stellar track she wrote by herself from A to Z, wowed the crowd and went on with her life just like the way she came in.

However 3 years later, Elle Watson hits back with the masterful A-team of the current music industry like a welcome boomerang flies back right at you, making producing combos, left, right and center with every possible producers with track records you could only dream of. Today we have her debut track ‘Body’ to offer your earholes. Take a listen… Below…

Written in Stockholm and influenced by the novel ‘You’ by Caroline Kepnes, the song she wrote finds itself in the perspective of being stalked and confined, only to fall in love with the captor. We can definitely assert that we are captivated by her huge confidence, and vocal control. Owning that crowd and her future for t


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