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Summer is gradually winding down to an end. Hatred is on the rise, bigotry is rampant. A solar eclipse didn’t help I think and on top of that we’re on the edge of a Nuclear War. I do hope these 5 tracks will come in handy, raise the general mood a little and restore some humanity. From Lynette Williams haunting vocals on “Savage” to Braille Face’s mesmerizing “Run For Your Life” via Saunas’ surf-pop number “My Body”, I sincerely hope everyone calms the eff down now.

Summer is over, we’re about to go through one of the worst #back2school period we’ve had in years. In any case, please make sure you follow these artists as they’ve all got something going for them in their respective genres. Quality batch today! This is our Cloud Droppings. Do you like what you hear? Which track really hit you off; leave your impressions in the comment section further down.

[title maintitle=”CLOUD DROPPINGS” subtitle=”The 5 tracks we just couldn’t leave behind”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”LYNETTE WILLIAMS”]
This project is an homage and love story between technology and art. There is no autotune and every instrument on each track was played, sung, and recorded by Lynette Williams. The EP cover is a photo from Instagram that Lynette took of herself with no photoshop alterations applied. So there are imperfections amidst this project – it is not polished like her last EP. This one is stripped down, bare, and raw – a complete labor of love.[/tab] [tab title=”SAUNAS”]
Saunas is brand a new project out of Nashville, TN. It began when two friends, Hans and Jay, reunited at a wedding and began collaborating. Between sessions in Nashville & Atlanta, the two developed a unique sound with nods to the 70’s & 80’s. With lyrical themes centering around the vacuity of modern life, patience, and becoming a better person, Saunas seeks to be a sort of self-help band for both artist and listener. Their forthcoming self-titled EP was produced by Jeremy Clark (Rayland Baxter, Okey Dokey).[/tab] [tab title=”MERCY WEISS”]
What if someone gave you their phone number but they intentionally(?) gave you the wrong number? “Another Number” is a song about that, sung by Mercy Weiss. This Bossa Nova-flavored song is written and produced by Christopher Pellnat.[/tab] [tab title=”BAUM”]
Meet BAUM. The Los Angeles based sly pop-rock storyteller describes her style as ‘natural grunge’ and her sound pays homage to her affinity for old school rock music, with her gritty-soulful howl falling in the legacy of retro icons like Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, to modern day counterparts like MUNA and HAIM.[/tab] [tab title=”BRAILLE FACE”]
Melbourne vocalist and producer Jordan White, aka Braille Face, returns with his first new single in 12 months – the emotionally stunning “Run For Your Life”. Showcasing the combination of lyrical vulnerability and sonic experimentation that has become his signature, “Run For Your Life” is the perfect re-introduction to Braille Face’s vibrant and emotionally resonant world. It’s emotionally turbulent and vividly atmospheric.[/tab] [/tabgroup]


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